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HI! long time no see #Gotcharockers !

we have some news here! #GatchaNews


Finally! fans club! “GPS ~ GR’s Prison School ~” more information » PC

fans who apply will get some benefit like bulletin, magazine photo packed, official goods Fc event and many more! Admission fee, membership fee ¥ 1,000 (admission fee) + ¥ 5,000 (1 year membership fee) = ¥ 6,000

Privilege of FC member is
Original membership card (membership number / face photograph entering)
Join souvenir gift
4 issued annually of newsletters
Priority ticket booking
Participation to the fan club event
Information delivery by e-mail

for more information about how to join please read some rules here »

(2) Winter Tour 2014 ~ 2015 “Chase !!!” will be held at eight cities Nishikawaguchi, Sendai, Kanazawa, Fukuoka, Okayama, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo!

more information

(3) Bday live on Takanobaba Area November 15th 2014 !! looking forward for more information (^-^)

 !!(4) First Live DVD of from “Final Tour at AiiA theater Tokyo” 09/23 planning release date in November 2014

But im not sure (yet) about overseas can join on FC or not, let’s wait for more information!

btw they also launching a special Booklet for their 2nd anniversary that  can be purchase on GOTCHAROCKA live (August 17th and 18th & september 23 th)



@GOTCHAROCKA new single

2014.07.02 RELEASE! 5th single 「Alarm」

GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-081/¥1,800 (税抜)/3songsCD+1songsDVD/Special Limited Edition・通常盤(CD)

1 Alarm
2 Destiny
3 Alarm(jui-sleep-ver.)
1 Alarm

GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-081/¥1,200 (税抜)/3songsCD [CD]

regular edition
1 Alarm
2 Destiny
3 The Lyrical jet sky~Live version (2014.5.25 原宿アストロホール ~2連射劇~)

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